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"Exploring the Latest Trends and Treasures at the Whitman Coin Expo, March 2024"

Updated: Apr 1

Another show, I'm exhausted after my first day and I'm just walking the floor, trading and shopping. Its seemed not as busy as last fall.

The entrance gate. I prefer to purchase early bird status so I can get in before the crowd and get out. First day I didn't leave until 4 PM. Exhausting day, shopping wears me out. Always has. But one highlight of my day came when I ran into someone I'd met last show;

Trying to do another selfie, she said I wasn't doing it right so I handed her the phone and said "here, you do it". Typical female. It was fun running into her. Never did get her name.

Two pair of glasses on my head. The hotel safe didn't work so I was lugging practically everything I had brought that day.

Ran into a few folks from home. A couple had tables and others were shopping. I lingered around John's table(I can't remember last names, lucky to remember first names) for a little and ended up with this from a customer he was dealing with - a gorgeous, off center mercury, full bands, mint state and a bit more off center than usual for this series.

A man selling coins
John from the local club. He's the new president also
1945 Mercury Dime
1945 Mercury 10¢ off center full bands, pic taken though a flip

Didn't think to take a photo but next went to the Heritage Auction folks and consigned 18 error coins for hopefully an error coin auction coming up in May. I have to change course to keep doing what I enjoy. There is no local market for errors. Even large shows like this one, collectors are typically searching for things other then error coins. So I look for other things as well. Picked up one Confederate Note I've been looking for at a decent price, a key date IHC, 1908 S in 64 RB, a beautiful, ungraded 1827 Capped Bust 50¢ and a couple others. Oh, and some buffalos for the personal collection I've almost completed and another 37 D three legged in XF45. I remember reading about them when young and figured that was something I would never own.....I'm on my third now. More photos tomorrow.....

April 1, 2024: I've been so busy after this show that I haven't had a moment to catch up on this story, Anyway, I've heard from Heritage auctions and many of my coins will be in an auction - June 17 Error Coinage US Coins Showcase Auction.. That should be fun to watch money come in instead of out. But, I'm in need of it for different stock if I can keep this up. I really don't care if I never make a dime at it. I'm doing what I love to do and I'm very thankful to be able to.

Our local coin club "Atlantic County Numismatic Society" meets this Wednesday. As I mentioned earlier, John is our new president and I think he'll do a pretty good job. He's passionate about the hobby and young. I wish I could sell like him. I think he was born to be a salesman but I'm getting to know a lot of these members and I like them a lot. Tom, our past president, went into the hospital for neck surgery. I called a week ago and left a message. Haven't heard a word from him or about him. I do hope he is ok and just recuperating. I owe him some cash for table rental and you usually hear from someone you owe if he feels good.

That's enough for now, it's late. We have a new writer Jenna. She's a great writer with a vocabulary. Be sure and read her articles.

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