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FUN Show Winter 2024

Updated: Apr 1

Always wanted to hit this show. Even when I lived in Florida it was a 6 to 8 hour drive so I never went. Now I'll travel 1000 miles to do it. I will take plenty of photos and report.

The FUN show is touted as the largest show on the East Coast with as many as 1500 Dealers. You have to reserve a table by August so I missed out on that but will enjoy it. I do have to sit through a 2 hour time-share sales pitch one day to get hotel points but, been there before and got the t-shirt and no time shares.

I understand the Orlando Convention Center is huge and the coin show inhabits a small part of it. Looking forward to it as well as visiting some friends who have moved to that area recently after the show on my Harley. You can not absorb that many booths in a day so three days at this show is in order and deep pockets.

Orlando Fla Convention Center

The Baltimore Whitman Expo will be coming up in March as well.....An easy drive from Jersey, a booth rental is in order I believe.

Whitman Coin Expo March 2024

First day at the FUN, January 4, 2024. A lot of walking but a lot to see. I usually end up purchasing something that catches my eye that I wasn't looking for in particular. This day was no different. Made a deal with an older gentleman for a three coin set of Bashlow restrikes of the 1861 Confederate Cent. I was always a fan of Bashlow's story. Look him up, it's a good read. Talked with this gentleman for probably 20 minutes or so. He liked to talk and appreciated a fan of the Bashlow story. Sold a a set many years ago for much more then these cost.

And then I spotted a beautiful Flying Eagle Cent, 1958 Small Letters. Had to have it. Mind, the photos were taken through the flip, I'll do better at home. And some Buffalos for the personal collection I'm working on. I prefer a collection in an album, a good album mind you like a Dansco, but something to leaf through once in a while and enjoy. Slabbed coins are not the same and just sit in a box in a safe, closet or cabinet until show time or whatever. On my way out I ran into the guy dressed like Ben Franklin. Had to have a selfie with him.

Tomorrow, I plan on photos of some of the dealers I've dealt with. Met the Penny Lady today for the first time, Charmy Harker. She deals in mainly Indian Head and Lincolns and has a great website. I enjoy browsing her show stories. It seems to me that she would be a fun person and I've wanted to meet her for sometime but she's from the west coast and I'm a Jersey boy. I have been west of the Mississippi a few times but not as far as the coast..

Stay tuned.....Oh, almost forgot, I have to go to a 2 hour time share hard sell tomorrow afternoon to get my hotel points. Been through it before, never bought a time share, never will but I'll soldier it out and hit the show in the morning. Next day I'm off to visit friends around the state.


Visiting my friends in Dixie:

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