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"Uncover Rare Finds at the Lindenwold, NJ Moose Lodge Coin Show"

First Sunday of the month there is a show at Moose Lodge 548 on Route 30, Lindenwold, NJ. I usually have a table there and this April was no different. I wake at 5 AM, get coffee and go by or around 5:30 to get there by 7:00. I always spend more than I make and this month was no different. The crowd there does not seem to want to purchase expensive pieces and more often then not, it is disappointing. I took some photos of the Lodge after the show because I enjoyed it and the folks there so much I became a member. They are open every day. The bartenders name is Anna and I just enjoy being there. I forget what his title is but a very large man, whom I like very much, named Craig got me signed up and is working to bring the place back from the setback we all had from the so-called pandemic.

The room after the show

The Bar!!

Pool & Darts

Other side of the bar, tables, shuffle board, more pool & darts.

Anyway, it was another disappointing sale day but I did purchase and trade for some nice stuff. From the dealer beside me, a neat, older gentleman named Basil, like the herb, a 1797 Large Cent and four three cent silver. From an anonymous shopper a trade for two 1863 Indian Head cents in nice condition and an 1817 Large Cent. The 1797 was costly but I've never owned a US piece that old other than currency and just had to have it. I suppose, I'm what you'd call a compulsive buyer. But they will soon be listed here.

There is no show in May 2024 but we will be back the first Sunday in June.

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