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Whitman Winter Coin Expo

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Whitman Winter Coin Expo

Heading to Baltimore this week for this Whitman show. Hope to make some deals and meet some new people. I will take photos and report on what it was like.

If you hadn't noticed I discovered the selfie and use it frequently, even with the security. It always gets them to smile. I was pleasantly surprised, being an easy drive to Baltimore from Jersey, that many folks from our local club were there and some even had booths and were selling, trading, wheeling and dealing. Many expensive coins changed hands those three days and many more affordable coins were purchased or traded. I asked about one coin and it was $125,000. Wow! Out of my league. Some club members picked up coins they'd wanted for a long time and I'm happy for them. I also dropped some change on a couple costly ones to fill a set and a lot of less costly key dates, type coins and errors to hawk at local shows.

In conclusion, if you get a chance to visit a national show like this one, do it even if you're broke. There is much to look at and learn. Chat with the dealers. If not busy they are usually willing to chat and help out a novice or a youth. But be wary and smart about it and educate yourself.

The first photo shows a Philadelphia Event at the Expo Center next May. A day trip for those of us in New Jersey or the tri-state area. Parking is costly but then it is in all cities. I am heading to the Fun Show in Orlando in January. Never been and I'm told it is the best on the east coast. We'll see and I'll report and take many selfies with those I meet there.

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