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The Liberty Seated Dime minted 1837 - 1891 went through many changes in it's 54 years design and weight. Initially in 1937 it had no stars on the obverse and In 1938 they added stars, drapery from Liberty's left elbow and an upright shield. Variety 3 saw arrows on either side of the date and a .01 gram drop in weight. Then, in 1859 the lost the stars and put the legend around the obverse rim. 1873  the weight went back to 2.50 grams and arrows at the date. Finally they used what we have here - United States of America around the obverse, no arrows and a 90% silver weight of 2.5 grams. An example exhibiting very fine details. The reverse is the same or very similar to the Barber Dime.

1890 S Seated Liberty Dime

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