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Council Princes of Jerusalem Scottish Rite Jewel, 14K, 1935', Masonic Jewel Gold and Enamel, Scottish Rite Excelsior Council Princes of Jerusalem 16th Degree.
Engraved on reverse(name obscured). Date presented March 22, 1935. Hallmarked 14k and manufactured in Philadelphia, PA.
26.9 grams including ribbon. Pinback is also hallmarked; 42mm in diameter or 1.65 inches, 90 mm or 3.5 in length.

Front - green enameled wreath set in gold, diamond shape in center with scales suspended by a hand and surrounded by Hebrew letters, sword below with five stars surrounding in black on a gorgeous white opaline background.
The Council of Princes of Jerusalem confers the 15th and 16th degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. These two degrees explore the conflicts and politics in the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon. Rare and beautiful!

1935 Council Princes of Jerusalem Scottish Rite Jewel, 14K Gold, Rare

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