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CONECA 1956 D/D RPM-018 - Wexler WOMM-018 - 1956-1MM-020 : Not listed Fivaz/Stanton

This variety shows a completely separated mintmark south of the primary mintmark. Similar to the RPM-008 FS-102 but the mintmark in relation to the date is quite different. Strong vertical line west and faint, almost invisible eastern curve (more visible in early die state).

CONECA TOP 100 List and Wexler Top 100. Much scarcer than RPM8. According to "The Lincoln Cent Resource" this coin is the #2 Most Wanted in the "Complete Guide and Cross Reference to Lincoln Cent Mintmark Varieties".

1956 D/D Lincoln Cent Repunched Mintmark CONECA RPM-018, ANACS MS64 RB

SKU: A111
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