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An extreme rarity, this transitional variety remains extraordinarily elusive and valued. RDV 007 or Reverse Die Variety found only in 1992 P&D Lincoln cents and 1998 S & 1999 S Proof cents. The reverse die with of the Close AM variety was intended to be used for circulation-strike Lincoln Cents beginning in 1993. We may never know the full story as to how these 1992 and 1992-D Close AM Lincoln Cents were distributed into circulation, but they were most likely the result of test strikes in late 1992 conducted to determine how well the new reverse die would work out or maybe it was just a mix up with the dies. The difference can be very confusing for many.

1> Take notice of the A in STATES. It is a bit off center towards the East.

2> The Designer's initials are a good distance from the memorial.

3> The G does not have a horizontal hook.

These three things are reliable markers for a 1992  P or D Close AM. The distance between the A and M in AMERICA are not always a reliable marker due to die detrioration and other factors and is mistake made by many who think they found the real thing. Good hunting!

1992 D Lincoln Cent FS-901 "Close AM" RDV-007, ANACS MS60 RB

SKU: A109
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