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Nicely centered small silver of MOESIA, ISTROS. circa 400-350 BC. AR Drachm (4.74 gm, 17mm).
Obverse: Facing male heads, left inverted.
Reverse: ΙΣΤΡΙΗ Sea-eagle grasping dolphin with talons, monogram below.(phi upsilon)

This curious obverse type has been variously interpreted as representing the Dioscouri (Gemini Twins), the rising and setting sun, and the supposed two branches of the river Danube (or Ister). Istros was a Milesian colony, probably the oldest Greek colony on the Black Sea, and was founded in 657 - 656 BC. its large output of silver coinage in the first half of the 4th Century suggests that it was a place of commercial importance.

4th Century BC, Istros / Thrace - Silver Drachm

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