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Chersonesos is Greek for 'peninsula' and several cities used the name. The city in Thracian Chersonesos (the Gallipoli peninsula) that struck this coin is uncertain. They may have been struck at Cardia by the peninsula as a league, or perhaps they were struck by lost city on the peninsula named Chersonesos. Chersonesos was controlled by Athens from 560 B.C. to 338 B.C., aside from a brief period during this time when it was controlled by Persia. It was taken by Philip II of Macedonia in 338 B.C., Pergamon in 189 B.C., and Rome in 133 B.C. It was later ruled by the Byzantine Empire and then by the Ottoman Turks.

Small silver hemidrachm. Obverse lion forepart right looking left. Reverse quadripartite incuse square with alternating shallow and deeper sunken quarters, bee in one sunken quarter and A nest to pellet in the opposite sunken quarter. 2.2 grams, 13 mm diameter.

Chersonesos, Thrace, Circa 386 - 338 B.C., Silver hemidrachm

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