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Stylish glass top wood box for one coin capsule. 5 x 5 it is available in sizes to fit most coins from small to 3X large.  This particular example is teak brow finish and features a round cut-out that fits a coin in a size large coin capsuleor a 1.75" Challenge Coin without a capsule. The Guardhouse Glass-Top Wood Display Box makes for an ideal display or gift box, whether you are presenting a challenge coin as an award or gift, or keeping a prized US Eagle in it for display.

No Better Way to Display Coins

Perfect for display, awards or packaging, this thoughtfully crafted line of varnished wood boxes offers a host of attractive features for Challenge Coins and Medals, gold and silver eagles or rounds, and any type coins up to mint or proof sets.

Guardhouse boxes are available in glass top and solid top, with intricate designs and carefully crafted wood trim, thumb notched lids, and layered molding. The interior foam coin insert contrasts superbly with a white plush collar on most of the smaller box styles. Solid interior lid designs are draped with a white cloth liner and framed with a diagonal black ribbon -- ideal for a thank you card, business card or certificate.

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Guardhouse Capsuled Coin Display Options

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