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NORFED Copper Rounds, dated 2008 (Give Peace a Chance)Coins are one ounce pure copper and made for as a political statement.
The reason these Liberty Dollar coins were deemed potentially confusing by the U.S. Mint is that the Mint introduced a new One Dollar coin type in February 2007, called the Presidential Dollar. Any time there is a major change to the coinage, there is bound to be some confusion, and unfortunately, the Mint feels that these so-called "Liberty Dollars" are similar enough to genuine U.S. coinage that people might take them during monetary transactions without realizing that they're not U.S. legal tender.
The now-defunct organization with the unwieldy name "National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code," or NORFED for short, produced the Liberty Dollar (ALD) coins. NORFED's goal, according to its founder Bernard Von NotHaus, was to provide an alternative currency to that which is issued by the U.S. federal government: a currency that is backed by gold and silver, and therefore inflation-proof. NORFED has manufactured these coins in various denominations, including $1, $5, $10, and $20 in silver, and $500 in gold.

NORFED Copper Rounds, dated 2008 (Give Peace a Chance)

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