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Dated 2023 these South Dakotaa Goldback foil notes contain 1/1000 oz .999 fine Gold and just came out as the state decided to allow it..
The Goldback project truly began in spirit with the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011 which recognized certain types of Gold as currency within the state. Since that time the technology to mint Gold into a spendable form for small transactions has come to fruition.
This new and innovative way to own Gold allows you to diversify your wealth at an affordable price point. Add this Gold note to your cart today!

A depiction of Pax is shown on the obverse field of each 1 South Dakota Goldback Note. Pax is Latin for peace as well as the Roman goddess of peace. She’s seen holding a group of five rings and she’s surrounded by an array of animals. Flowers are shown at the bottom of the design field as a mountain range completes the design on top of the note.

The reverse is blank, gold in color and that is where the gold lies in a .10mm layer covered with a polymer.

Not US legal tender. Only accepted by merchants agreeing to in the state of origin.

South Dakota State $1 Goldback

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