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Dated 2023 these South dakota Goldback foil notes contain 1/200 oz .999 fine Gold or .005 troy ounce, just released and which is the first local, voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, physical Gold.
This new and innovative way to own Gold allows you to diversify your wealth at an affordable price point. Add this Gold note to your cart today!

A depiction of Industria is shown on the obverse field of each 5 South Dakota Goldback Note. Industria is Latin for diligence. This depiction shows her holding a basket full of crops amidst a field of crops. In the background, we can see a row of silos.

The revese is a glittering blank or mirror image and where the gold lies in a .10mm layer covered by a polymer.

Not US legal tender. Only accepted by merchants agreeing to in the state of origin.

South Dakota State $5 Goldback

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