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Widows Sons Chalenge. These are property of Pillars of Enoch Chapter of the New Jersey Widows Sons and funds will be kept seperate for them as any net profits go to charities. As a non-profit you will not be charged sales tax and shipping is built into the price of the item.


All other products on this site or in other categories are taxed to New Jersey residential or business addresses unless I receive a completed ST-3 form for my files. Shipping is also taxable. You can thank your state representatives for that. Other state payment or shipping addresses are not taxed.


If you must use paypal please use this qrcode above with your phone and not the buttons. This goes directly to the Chapter account Just add $12.95 per coin ordered and I will mail them or bring to the State Meeting in November, your choice.


These coins are designed by us and ordered through which I highly recommend, our only form of fund-raising at this point. These are antiqued brass with a non-reeded edge and high relief. Will not fit in a normal capsule for silver rounds. The obverse sports our logo with Charter date of March 12, 2016. Our motto is borrowed from the 33rd Scottish Rite Degree and translates to "Order From Chaos" . The reverse is WS images(widow & wings), square and compasses over US flag and state of NJ.


We will be stocking the correct capsules and many display options in other categories. These will be taxable to NJ unfortunately. Again, you can thank your state government for that.


WSNJ Pillars of Enoch Challenge Coin (1.75" High Relief)

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