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All 1922 Lincoln Wheat Cents?were minted at the Denver Mint and should have received a "D" mintmark. An issue arised at the Denver Mint where the coin dies used to strike coins were being overworked and overused. Some coins would receive a weak "D" mint mark and in some very rare cases the mint mark would be completely missing. The rest of the coin features would have a weaker strike as well since the dies were so worn out. The "No D" variety is the rarest and most valuable. One way to tell the difference between the "Weak D" and the "No D" is the fact that the "No D" variety has no trace of the mint mark. In addition: The last "2" is typically clearer than the rest of the date and the word "TRUST" is much clearer than most of the words in the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" on the obverse of the coin.?Some coins such as this one will have a "Strong Reverse" ?which means that the worn out dies were just replaced with new ones.


1922 No-D Strong Reverse Lincoln Wheat Cent, Key Variety, PCGS XF40

SKU: P113
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